All-in-one Tele Care Solutions

A complete virtual clinic software Rx Telecare isn’t like other medical teleconferencing services

Who we are

Bringing healthcare to every community around the world

About RxTelecare

Video Conferencing

Our video conferencing tools puts patients and doctors face to face—even in areas with low bandwidth and poor infrastructure.

Tele EMR

With better record keeping, you can keep track of each patient’s health journey.

Security and Compliance

Our video conferencing between doctor and patient is operated under a secure, compliant platform to protect patient confidentiality.

Data Analytics

With Rx Telecare’s unique data analytical tools, Healthcare providers can have greater insights into disease diagnostics of any community.

What We Offer

All-in-one Telehealth Solutions with Cutting Edge Technology

Virtual Clinic

Rx Telecare is a full-service software that provides doctors with all of the tools they need to launch a successful and secure virtual clinic.

Rural Health Care

We partner with government and private health systems to help them reach and care for their most remote communities.

Non-Profit NGO's

We provide NGOs and charities with a cost-effective Telehealth solution that helps virtual clinics in rural, poverty-stricken areas and increase their impact.

Bringing healthcare to every community around the world