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Private Hospitals

Telecare for Private Hospital Systems

Connect to your most rural communities by building telehealth services into your current health system.

Rx Telecare allows you to bring specialized services to rural villages with fully-functioning remote virtual clinics. Not only will you be able to help diagnose and treat urgent medical injuries or illnesses, but you’ll also be able to maintain regular medical care to improve the overall standards of health in their community.

Rx Telecare also provides hospital systems with the conferencing and EMR tools they need to safely manage regular hospital visits from local and high-risk patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Rx Telecare Features

All-in-one solution

Quickly open and operate a remote clinic with everything you need in one smooth, seamless platform.


Diagnosis, treat, and consult with patients through secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing.

Rural Health Care

Connect through laptops, desktops, phones, or tablets and work uninterrupted in low-bandwidth areas.

Specialist Care from Anywhere

Consult with specialists from anywhere to provide more specialized and accurate care.

Tele EMR

Schedule appointments, store patient data, send prescriptions and labs, accept payments, and utilize unique features and remote patient examination tools.

Secure File Transfer

Patients can safely send pictures, labs, medical documents, and more with secure file transfer.

Disease registry

Identify and improve treatment compliance of chronic diseases in your patient population and improve their health outcomes. Remote patient monitoring can be provided.

Custom Branding

Customize the look of your Rx Telecare website, landing page, or app to match your company brand.

Secure Connections

Everything is operated under a secure, compliant platform to protect patient confidentiality.