About Rx Vetcare

About Rx Vetcare Features

A complete virtual clinic software

Rx Vetcare is all in one Telehealth solution connecting Veterinarians to the owners of Pets or
Farm animals for comprehensive medical care. Our platform includes Video or Tele conferencing
tools which allows Veterinarians to securely store animals medical records and send visit
summaries to their owners.

The Best Rx Vetcare Features

All-in-one Telehealth Solutions with Cutting Edge Technology

Secure Video or Tele conferencing Platform that works across all devices

Hipaa Compliant

Data Analytic tools and Custom branding or White label options for your organization

Secure and Compliant for Data protection and Privacy

Tele EMR Services to document the visit and store animals Medical records

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Rx Vetcare Features

All-in-one solution

Quickly open and operate a remote clinic with everything you need in one smooth, seamless platform.

Video conferencing

Diagnose, treat and consult with owners of pets or farm animals through a secure platform with any device

Rural Vet care

Connect with owners of horses, farm animals or any large animal in remote areas

Tele EMR

Schedule appointments, document visit history, store medical records, send visit summaries, accept payments.

Secure Connections

Hipaa compliant platform

Custom Branding

White label or custom brand to match your organization needs